Save time and money by offering online registration
—and let us do all the work

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Do your attendees expect to register online?
Do the difficulties of programming online registration concern you?
Do you want to avoid compliance issues with e-commerce regulations?
Is it important to you to be on the leading edge of CE presentation?
Do you want to avoid online set-up and management headaches?

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, contact us to benefit from
19 years of optometry conference experience and state-of-the-art programming.

Select the type of registration form that best fits your conference

Your selection from Bronze, Silver or Gold helps us develop your
custom online registration form.

1.  If you need a basic online registration form—for individual registrants for one or two sessions, Bronze Level service is ideal.

2.  If you need an online registration form for individual or multiple registrants from an organization and for single or multiple sessions, Silver Level service is ideal.

3.  If you need an online registration form for individual or multiple registrants from an organization, for sponsors and/or vendors/exhibitors, for multi-tier programs and for concurrent tracks and/or sessions, Gold Level service is ideal.

Using Optometry CE Portal services benefits you by:

• Making the registration process more convenient for attendees
• Encouraging online interaction with your organization
• Providing registrants immediate confirmation
• More effectively managing revenue and registration data
• Avoiding time-consuming paperwork and the potential for mistakes

Optometrists welcome
the convenience of secure online registration for conferences. Now you can save time and money by providing this registration option to your attendees and make registration as easy as clicking a mouse. Plus, you receive detailed registration reports and timely deposits to make your job easier.

You can select from a menu of additional services for the efficient management of all aspects of your registration—and make your job easier. These services include business reply postage registration, fax registration, toll-free telephone registration and name tag production.

With 19 years of experience in organizing and managing optometric conferences, Optometry CE Portal provides you the specific services you need to help you streamline your registration process. As well, our services interface seamlessly with your current procedures so you don’t have any additional tasks.

Without any additional work on your part, we can add a link to your website that takes interested optometrists directly to the online registration materials. And, you can include the online information in your print promotional materials.

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