Save time and money by offering online registration
—and let us do all the work

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Now you can save time and money by managing your registration more effectively and efficiently. Select from the Optometry CE Portal menu of services.

Easily incorporate one or all of these services into your current procedures to streamline your conference registration process. Our services interface seamlessly with your current procedures so you don’t have any additional tasks.

1. Secure online registration

Online registration with forms we customize for you
Encourage attendance with the most convenient registration process
Have more accurate and timely records
Reduce the use of paper and potential for misplaced information
Avoid the complications of handling e-commerce financial transactions
Free your organization from time-consuming compliance issues

Choose from three levels
of online registration service—and let us do all the work.




Who are your registrants?
Individual registrant
Multiple registrants from same organization  
What number or types of sessions do you have?
Single session
Double or multiple consecutive sessions  
Multiple concurrent sessions    
Concurrent tracks    
Functions including meals and receptions    
Do your registrants select from a list of courses?
Search form by course, speaker or time    
Schedule selected by registrant    
What types of fees do you charge?
Standard fee
Multiple course fees  
Functions/meals fees  
Vendor/sponsor fees    
Single discount
Multiple discounts  
Late registration fees  
Do you correspond with registrants by e-mail?
E-mail notifications/reminders to registrants
What type of registration/revenue reports do you want?
Real time reports (viewable online in HTML format)
Reports by session    
Map of vendor display locations    
Customized reports in pdf    

2. Menu of additional registration management services

   › Business reply postage registration with mail processing service
   › Toll-free number registration with experienced telephone response team
   › Fax registration with immediate e-mail/telephone acknowledgment
   › Name badge printing and fabrication
   › Electronic registration reports of registrants and their contact information

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