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Ask us about—

A preconference communication that encourages your attendees to
     "buy in" to your conference and that helps build customer loyalty
The strongest message to motivate prospective attendees to register
      for your conference
Communications with attendees—with a purpose—to keep your
      name uppermost in their minds
A benefit for every attendee that has nothing to do with course content
Meaningful feedback to make your conference more responsive to
      attendees' interests
Increasing interest in your program with this one message to
      potential attendees
Developing new revenue opportunities with online registration
Advertising that motivates potential attendees who have different
      styles of learning and understanding
A postconference communication that gets attendees' attention—and
      builds customer loyalty
Creative ways to develop new revenue sources from co-op and
      sponsorship arrangements
Building your e-mail list with approval to send follow-up
Cross-selling—how to do it effectively for "win–win" relationships

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